Smart Marketing™ SEO . . . 

Your website is your primary online marketing tool, it must be made easily available for potential catering customers. When we get you more Hits than ever, you acquire more great catering prospects.


Our Smart Marketing™ SEO search engine optimization services will ensure your websites will be displayed towards the top of the search results for the keywords most important to your business.


Most businesses lack the expertise and time it takes to properly promote their business in the places their customers go online.


Marketing your business on Google™, Yahoo®, Bing™, Facebook® getting listed in the GPS devices, and the online Yellow Pages (plus hundreds of others) takes time, money and technical expertise. Smart Marketing was specially designed to rapidly create a powerful online marketing presence, giving you the unfair advantage. Every day millions of customer search on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We ensure you are there.


  • Google Places™ is the engine that helps customers find local business online. We ensure your business is prominently promoted every day.

  • These days most people use their mobile phone or GPS Devise in their car to find a business. We put you there.


We look at your site holistically to build a Smart Marketing™ SEO program from the ground up. A full service SEO program encompasses the following key elements:


  • Site Analysis

  • Keyword Framework

  • Ongoing Optimization

  • Reporting & Analytics


It's very time consuming work, but we are up to the challenge & we can get you there for far less money than the competition. Basic Smart Marketing™ SEO is FREE.


You may have some questions or concerns about our lead generation programs so please get in touch with us by phone or text at 805-822-4506, email The Team or use our short Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to explain further how we may help you.