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Our Client marketing strategy includes keeping an eye on your catering websites search results. Getting people to your site is just the beginning. Along with pages searched, etc., we keep an eye out for these and other behaviors to see whether people stay engaged once they arrive;


  • How many leave after visiting a single page…your bounce rate shows you how many people viewed only one page before leaving your site. We aim for lower bounce rates on your most important pages. The industry goal is a 30% bounce rate or less ... we have clients with less than an 8% bounce rate! Now that's amazing. 

  • How long they stick around … we keep an eye on visit duration to know how long visitors stay on your site. The longer we can keep them engaged, the better.


  • Whether they’re coming back for more … we offer updated content based on how many new vs. returning visitors you see coming to your site.


We watch these metrics using linked Google Analytics to see if your most important pages are delivering. You might be surprised at some of the insights we discover. Review the Who Are Your Customers page to see some of the overall results we have found.


You may have some questions about our Google Analytics so please get in touch with us by phone - text at 805-822-4506, email The Team or use our short Contact Us Form.

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