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About Us

We’re not a big New York website design agency. We started in 2009 with the idea of providing small business caterers & restaurants a free "custom" website design & a more personal touch to help them achieve their marketing goals.


Our free "custom" website design services provides you with a beautiful, hard working Desktop & Mobile Website. We also include our SEO Basic Smart Marketing™ strategy. We do this to ensure our clients are very successful! We invest our time upfront to dramatically increase our clients position in their markets! Most of our clients use us as their Online Marketing agency.


We have perfected our SEO Basic Smart Marketing™ and for several chefs we've used our SEO Premier Marketing strategy. We take great pride when we see our clients listed on the first page in Google Search.


We are very happy to discuss how we will Guarantee you success in the future.

You may have some questions so please get in touch with us by phone or text at 805-822-4506. Email The Team or use our short Contact Us form. We love to talk catering.

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