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Catering Websites

Your websites exist in order to expand your reach & gain more catering events? Your websites truly are your "Online Brochures".

If you want to increase your catering events, say weekly, you are in the right place.


Make catered events your goal. Your catering buyers are mostly women & they may do a fair amount of research before making a decision. Make that a good thing for you by making your site beautiful, easy to search for what they are looking for.  Your best bet is to guide them through your site easily. For example, approximately half of your first time visitors will check out your menus first. Make it easy to find what they are looking for.  

How does your catering differ from your competitors? Your website’s homepage is your chance to let your individuality shine through. This should reflect throughout the design & copy on your websites.

We love to chat to get a better feel for's mainly what you want to promote and your market. Do you want more Wedding Receptions, Holiday Parties, Summer Parties, Food Delivery, etc.?  We work for you.

You may have questions regarding our Website Design capabilities, so email The Teamget in touch with us by phone-text at 805-822-4506, or use our short Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to explain further how we may help.

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