Website Maintenance . . . 

If website maintenance is your problem, we just might be the solution . . .


  • Having trouble finding your web designer?

  • Can't get updates made to your website in a timely manner?

  • Does your website manager fix one thing and break another?

  • Maybe your web developer tells you that something is done, but it isn't?


Active websites require monitoring. You might be Introducing new products, new images & revised copy, or just making some minor changes. We monitor your websites weekly to ensure everything is working correctly. This is most important during your initial website launch. See reviews.


Depending on the type of catering websites, hosting & maintenance is $29.95 per month. For more elaborate eCommerce websites, we should chat.


You may have some questions or concerns about our lead generation programs so please get in touch with us by phone or text at 805-822-4506, email The Team or use our short Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to explain further how we may help you.

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