About Hamilton Design . . .

We are not a big San Francisco catering website design agency. We are a boutique agency and that makes us more efficient & responsive to your needs.


We are a stick to the basics kind of catering website design & marketing agency . . . we provide well conceived, eye appealing, professionally designed websites.  We do not like to add one extra word, when the many used will suffice.


While we focus most our efforts on the Catering Industry, we have designed e-commerce, social sites, directories, etc. and do work with other industries and are happy to do so. However, we do love small businesses because that is who we are and we understand what it takes to make your catering business successful.


We bring a strong marketing background to our Website designs. Our résumé is full of more than 60-years of design & marketing programs for national and regional companies. Companies like Coca Cola, Taco Bell, Burger King, CVS “Longs” Drug Stores, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Brothers Signature Catering, Sara's Cooking and Catering, ABC Grill Catering, Premiere Catering and many more.


You may have some questions or concerns about our lead generation programs so please get in touch with us by phone or text at 805-822-4506, email The Team or use our short Contact Us Form and we'll be happy to explain further how we may help you.