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Our Website Designs Adhere to Six Basic Tenets . . . easy on the eye, easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to find on the Internet, easy to download and the overall design must be consistent throughout. That is "basic, hard working" website design.

Your Website is your Online Brochure for all those who are searching for your products and services. A high quality website adds credibility to your business — conversely a badly designed, poorly laid out website will hurt you greatly. You must look current because customer's like doing business with lively companies. If your website is not current or competitive in "Your Market", it looks like your business is outdated, stale and old.


Smart Marketing™ your companies website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just as important as the way your website looks and works. Launching a website without SEO is like writing a book without publishing it. No one will find it or buy it. See our Smart Marketing page for additional information.

Click on the image on the left to view the most recent Catering Website FREE Proof.

This is a very upscale re-design of their current website and we understand that they are seriously considering making it their permanent design. Of course, this is a proof and is only a representation of design direction.


Catering Toolbox is a comprehensive library of catering tutorials and resources created specifically for:

  • experienced caterers looking to take their business to the next level.
  • restaurant owners seeking to add a profitable catering service to their bottom line.
  • personal chefs, foodies, and aspiring caterers who are just getting started.

If one of these profiles describes you, then you're going to love Catering Toolbox! Click on the Catering Tool Box logo to review these valuable tools that are designed to help the industry we love.  Click on Doug to watch the latest YouTube video.


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